Wild Game Meat Processing


Custom Wild Game Processing

All custom ranch animals, as well as most wild game, are cut and wrapped to your exact specifications. We will age your animal to obtain its full flavor and tenderness, vacuum package and flash freeze the meat.

Our facilities include a full sausage kitchen, smokehouse and state of the art vacuum packaging equipment. All wild game is cut boneless and vacuum packaged for maximum flavor and freezer life. For an additional fee we can make a variety of smoked and fresh sausages, salamis and snack stix. We can cure and smoke your hams and bacons, as well.

Jerry and his family have hunted all over the west and understand how much time and energy are put into your hunt whether it was a backyard deer hunt or the elk hunt of a lifetime. We will provide top-notch processing for your hard earned trophy.

Wild Game:

Deer | Antelope | Hogs | Elk | Etc.

$140.00 minimum to 100 lb
$1.40 lb
over 100 lb
All wild game cut boneless and vacuum packaged.

Boneless trim delivered for grind only:
$1.75 lb
finished weight plus cost of beef or pork trim and seasoning
20 lb minimum per flavor finished weight on all grind
See recommended gain below


Please note:

*No out of state Deer or Elk carcasses will be accepted unless spinal column is completely removed or is delivered completely boneless.

**All orders are subject to a $5.00 per day locker storage fee per container if not picked up within ten days of notification of completion.

***California State Law requires that all wild or domesticated carcasses be free of all hair, fur, dirt, stomach content, insect eggs, or larvae before entering the premises. Browns Valley Meat reserves the right to discard or refuse any meat that is unfit for human consumption.


**** All Wild Game must have applicable tag and license information at time of delivery per State Fish & Wildlife Regulations.


 Extra Fees


$5.00 per Deer to season grind
$10.00 per Elk to season grind
20 lb minimum per flavor of grind
$10 service fee for second flavor grind (if under 20 lb)             

Add pork trim to grind – 30% gain
Add beef trim to grind – 20% gain
Add fat to grind – 10% gain


Hang Only – Handling Fee May Apply – SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY

 $5.00 per day per HOOK, $20 minimum


$25 - $50 Handling Fee — To split or quarter carcass