We are proud to have the largest full-service meat counter in Napa. Our butchers will cut your meat the way you want it. We can also special order most items not normally in stock.


Retail Products

Since the late 1930’s, the Giovannoni family has been known for quality meats. Beginning with Augustino Giovannoni’s South Napa Grocery and Giovannoni’s Market on Brown Street in old town Napa, that tradition continues today at Browns Valley Meat.

We are proud to offer a full line of USDA Choice beef always aged and cut to order. Selected grass-fed and all-natural beef products are also available. We also carry an assortment of Akaushi Red Wagu beef steaks, tri-tips and ground beef patties. We feature Prairie Fresh all-natural pork, Superior Farms all-natural lamb from Dixon, California.

Our poultry products are also all natural, free-range locally grown and processed. Our seafood selection features locally caught fish when available. We receive seafood deliveries five days per week to ensure freshness and the highest quality.


USDA Choice beef:

We proudly offer USDA Choice grade beef. At times we will also carry a limited supply of Prime and Grass-fed beef products. All steaks and roasts can be cut to order by our staff. Our beef always has two weeks of aging before it is cut for the counter. And our burger is ground fresh every day, all day as needed. Our tri tips and other marinated products are great for the grill.

For the holidays, we offer USDA Choice Prime Rib Roasts either boneless or with the bones cut away and tied back on. A special-order item is our bacon wrapped, boneless Rib Eye Roasts seasoned with our Prime Rib Seasoning.

Our selection of Akaushi beef is hard to beat. A Japanese breed that is born, raised and processed in the US, it is considered a heart healthy product. We offer New York steaks, Rib Eye Steaks, Rib Eye Roasts, Tri Tips and fresh half pound burger patties. Try it and you won’t be disappointed!



We feature Rocky Jr free range, all-natural chickens from Sonoma County, California. Along with the standard cuts of legs, thighs and breast, we offer an assortment of marinated boneless breast, boneless skinless thighs, wings and our Butter Garlic whole fryers. We also carry a selection of all-natural game hens and turkey breast.

For the holidays, we offer locally grown Willie Bird all natural, free range turkeys from Sonoma County, California and Branigan all natural, free range and minimally processed birds from Woodland, California.


Pork & Lamb:

All of our pork and lamb products are all natural. They include our thick, center-cut pork loin chops, boneless pork butt roasts, baby back ribs and French cut pork loin roasts.

We feature locally grown, all-natural leg of lamb, rack of lamb and small loin lamb chops from Dixon, California.



We sell only the highest quality seafood delivered fresh to us five days a week. During the local commercial seasons, we offer fresh caught wild King Salmon, Rock Cod, Snapper and Pacific and Alaskan Halibut.

For the holidays, when available, we have fresh caught, local cooked crabs.



Browns Valley Meat is well-known for our fresh and smoked sausages, all made here in our sausage kitchen using our Giovannoni Family recipes. All sausages are made with all-natural pork unless otherwise noted.

Smoked Sausage:

  • Hot Links – Our most popular link. A blend of chili and crushed peppers make this a BBQ favorite.

  • Mild Links – Same flavor as our Hot Links minus the HOT!

  • Andouille – A spicy Cajun style sausage.

  • Linguica – Our Giovannoni family recipe made with red wine is a breakfast favorite.

  • Beer and Cheddar Hot Links – Another Giovannoni family recipe. Hot spices mixed with beer and chunks of cheddar cheese burst with flavor.

  • Jalapeño Pepper Jack - New favorite.

  • Hawaiian Pineapple – Sweet, tropical flavor with just a little heat.


Specialty Sausage

  • Chicken Apple

  • Chicken Italian – hot or mild

  • Jake’s Buffalo Chicken

  • Habanero Mango Chicken

  • Lamb Sausage - As much as we would like to claim this as our own, this all-natural lamb sausage was created by the legendary Jim Andrews.

  • We carry Miller All-Beef Hot Dogs and Dinner Franks; and also Boars Head Old Fashion Hot Dogs.

Fresh Sausage Links:

  • Hot or Mild Italian – Excellent flavor, fennel added, our best-selling fresh link.

  • Hot or Mild Country Sausage – Southern style seasoning, a breakfast treat at home or hunting camp.

  • Chirizo – Old style, great breakfast treat.

  • Bratwurst – Mild flavor, old world recipe.

  • Beer Bratwurst – Yep, you can taste the beer in every bite.

  • Sundried Tomato Basil and Garlic – Great on the grill or as an addition to just about any sauce.


Marinated Meats and Smoked Meats

  • Tri Tips – A Browns Valley Meat favorite. Our USDA Choice trimmed tri tips are perfect for any family barbeque or big event. Easy to cook in oven or on the grill, they come in the following flavors: Butter & Garlic, Sweet Bourbon, Southwest Salsa, Burgundy Pepper and Mesquite. 2 ½ lb to 3 lb average.

  • Ball Tip, Butter Garlic – A lean, tender cut cooks like a tri-tip and is marinated in Butter & Garlic.

  • Pork Tenderloins - Lean all natural pork tenderloins are marinated in our butter garlic, sweet bourbon, and Sioux-Z-Wow flavors.

  • Chicken - All natural Rocky Jr. free range fryers are marinated in our butter garlic flavor. We also have full line of marinated all natural boneless skinless breasts and thighs.

  • Beef Jerky – we offer Black Pepper, Garlic, Teriyaki, Sweet & Hot and Mesquite. We are always creating new and exciting flavors to add to our beef jerky line up.

  • Beef Snack Stix – A flavorful and healthy snack treat; Pepper, Jalapeno Cheddar, Pepperoni and Teriyaki flavors.

  • Joe’s Smoked Ribs – fully cooked, our smoked and seasoned baby back ribs are ready for the grill or oven.

  • Fresh ground beef patties – our one-third pound Bourbon Burgers and 100% Brisket Burgers will be a hit at your next BBQ cookout. We also offer Bacon and Cheddar Brisket Sliders in addition to Jalapeno Pepper Jack Brisket Sliders.

  • These are just a few of our specialty products.

We also offer a large selection of marinated boneless, skinless chicken breast, salmon fillets and Flat Iron steaks and Flank steaks.

Want something special? Call ahead and we can marinate just about anything!!!